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About Us
Bisbee Chiropractic and Natural Health Center              Need Help?  Call us at 520-432-4044
Our goal is to become the preeminent natural health provider in Cochise County; we offer services for the entire family in the areas of:
  • Chiropractic
  • Functional Medicine Diagnostics and Treatment
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Supplements/Herbal protocols
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture (coming soon!)
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Dr. Cavanaugh is an experienced, caring chiropractor.  With almost 20 years of practicing a low-force technique, she has mastered the art of helping her clients feel better through chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, physical exercises and stretching and supplemental support.
Like her chiropractic technique, Dr. Cavanaugh uses a gentle approach toward treatment plans for her clients. 
In addition to her experience and education in chiropractic, Dr. Cavanaugh also holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is currently studying acupuncture, and will soon be able to offer it at the office.
Dr. Cavanaugh loves to spend time on her ranch property with her horses, dogs, chickens, goat, cat and pet mouse.
Alisa G. Cook, Certified Traditional Naturopath, M.A., C.A., C.L.E
natural health, holistic, naturopathic

Alisa is a Certified Traditional Naturopath, Certified Lifestyle Educator and Chiropractic Assistant.  

She works with clients who are seeking information about nutritional guidelines, vitamins and supplements, as well as lifestyle changes that can help restore total health. She is the author of "Stop Managing Diabetes...Reverse It!" and the co-author of "Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Lose Five Easy Steps."

Alisa is not a naturopathic physician or doctor; she does not diagnose, treat, or claim to cure any condition. Her scope of work is limited to lifestyle education and nutritional counseling. Any activities beyond that scope are directed and supervised by Dr. Phyllis Cavanaugh. No diagnoses are provided; this office only addresses general wellness issues, and requires you to communicate with your physician(s) any and all recommendations and suggestions made by this office.

Sarah Bivens, FNP

Sarah believes in the power of nutrition, natural supplements and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health.  As a Family Nurse Practitioner, for Arizona clients, Sarah can prescribe medications, as needed, as well as ordering tests that may be needed to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

She takes her time with her patients, providing services at Bisbee Chiropractic and Natural Health Center and her own office, Cochise Health and Wellness.